70 years of Israel

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70 years of Israel
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1900 – 1700 BC – Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob 1300 BC – Exodus of the Children of Israel from Egypt 1200 BC – Entry of the Children of Israel into the Promised Land 1100 BC – Time of the Judges 1020 BC – Kingdom of Israel is founded and Saul becomes its first king 1004 BC – King David makes Jerusalem the capital of Israel 960 BC – King Solomon builds the Temple, Israel’s national and spiritual center 930 BC – Division of Israel into the kingdoms of Judah (southern kingdom) and Israel (northern kingdom) 722 BC – Northern kingdom of Israel is conquered by the Assyrians. 10 of Israel’s tribes are dispersed 586 BC – Southern kingdom of Judah is conquered by the Babylonians. The Temple is destroyed and the Jews exiled 538 BC – Return of the Jews from Babylon. Reconstruction of the Temple in Jerusalem 332 BC – Alexander the Great conquers the land 166 BC – Maccabee (Hasmonean) uprising against Seleucid rule 142 -129 BC – Jewish autonomy under the Hasmonean dynasty 129 – 63...

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