MembersIsrael’s Wars: When and Why

Israel’s military operations have over time become less understood to a broader audience, leaving little choice but to accept biased media interpretations.

By Tsvi Sadan |
Photo: GPO

Today, it is customary to give almost no context, or even false context, to these military operations, which range anywhere from full-scale war to house demolitions in Jenin. This lack of context has allowed the media, and then politicians, to repaint Israel’s military operations as heartless war crimes. Ultimately, it has little to do with right and wrong. This distorted image is being generated by forces that hate Israel for what it represents, forces that believe their progressive utopia has no place for a Jewish state.

The following is a survey of Israel’s rational for its various military operations since 1948. Israel, it should be noted, is stingy with its medals and service ribbons. That’s why, despite the large number of military conflicts, it has issued just eight war service ribbons in 70 years. A quick Google search confirms how unadorned are the ceremonial uniforms of even the top Israeli soldiers.

War of Independence (Nov. 30, 1947-July 20, 1949)

The war started a day after the UN adopted its partition plan, which was openly rejected by the Arabs. Hostilities were initiated by...

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