MembersIt’s Only Words, But Words Are All I Have

We are so obsessed with “getting ahead”, yet we abuse and abandon one of the most powerful tools God gave us

Photo: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

It is a fact of life that for the world to survive everything must work together in harmony for each part’s mutual benefit. Natural life requires interdependence to survive and develop. Organisms are dependent on cooperation with others. The better the teamwork the stronger the life. Mammals like lions and wolves multiply their already-superior powers when they work together in packs.

Man too has been able to dominate the planet because we learned how to communicate with words, which enable us to cooperate on a level far above any creature on earth. Communications have allowed us to work together to build cities, armies, and civilizations. Words are God-given gifts to man that enable us to live with each other, because without each other, we will be destroyed.

Communication with words is so powerful that God Himself had to limit our ability to cooperate when the peoples of earth spoke the same language and built a tower in Babel that “reached unto heaven.” Whatever that means, the powers latent in cooperation afforded by words needed to be tempered. When we...

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