“It’s time to make peace with Israel,” says vocal Muslim Azka Daulia

“It’s time to make peace with Israel,” says vocal Muslim

Israel Today exclusive with a very special Muslim woman who is inspiring others: “Glory be to Israel!”


Ms. Azka Daulia lives in Jakarta, Indonesia, where she openly declares her love for the Jewish people and bravely challenges her government to embrace Israel as a friend.

I say “bravely” because with over 270 million people, Indonesia is the most heavily populated Muslim-majority (85%) country in the world and a nation that regularly condemns and calls for boycotts against Israel along with most Islamic nations. It is in such an atmosphere that this young woman has taken it upon herself to begin changing how Muslims think about Israel.

Israel Today brings you untold stories like this to give our readers an inside look at what’s happening “behind the news” that someday soon may very well turn into “frontpage news” of peace deals being signed between more Muslim nations and Israel.


Israel Today: Ms. Daulia, what do you think about the peace agreements between Israel and Arab nations?

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