Jerusalem Mini-Fortress is Being Restored

In the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of French Hill stands a rather neglected small 2,700-year-old fortress

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: archaeology
Photo: Israel Antiquities Authority

This citadel, with an area of ​​only around 18 by 13 meters, dates from the time of the biblical kings of Judah, i.e. the time of the First Temple. Experts are certain that it was one of a number of citadels that once protected Jerusalem. The facility is 832 meters high on a hill.

The Israel Antiquities Authority announced that the remains of this citadel, which had been uncovered at the end of the 1960s, including the open courtyard and adjoining rooms, would be restored and thus preserved for posterity.

Defense systems like this are mentioned in several places in the Bible. In 2 Chronicles 11 it says about the son of Solomon (10th century BC): “Rehoboam reigned in Jerusalem. In the area of ​​Judah and Benjamin he built cities into fortresses.” In chapter 27 it is written about Jotham, who became king at the age of 25: “In the mountains of Judah he developed many cities and built fortresses and watchtowers in the forest areas.” It is reasonable to assume that this is one of those watchtowers.

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