MembersJerusalem’s Underground Cemetery

Jewish tradition attaches special significance to being buried in Jerusalem.

By Netanell Doron |
Photo: Guy Nardy

Those who have died and been interred in the holy city will be the first to reach the Temple Mount following the resurrection of the dead when Messiah arrives.


Anyone from a non-Jewish background who is familiar with the method of flattening an old grave after a certain period of time has passed and re-using it for a new grave has to bear in mind that this would be unthinkable in Judaism. Toward the end of the 1990s it thus became apparent that there would soon be no more room for further burials in Jerusalem. This realization pushed up the price for burial plots considerably. Jerusalem requires about 4,400 new burial plots per year. Thus it became imperative to provide further affordable plots.


Consequently, a subterranean cemetery is currently being dug under the enormous cemetery at Givat Shaul, which can be seen from the...

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