Jesus Debated in Israel as in the Days of Paul Miriam Alster/Flash90

Jesus Debated in Israel as in the Days of Paul

The recent appearance of a young Messianic Jewish couple before a Rabbinical Court in Israel demonstrated just how foreign faith in Jesus remains to modern Orthodox Judaism.


The couple was pleading with the court to permit them a traditional Jewish wedding, approved by the Rabbinate. Also present was an investigator from the anti-Messianic organization Yad L’Achim. According to the official court transcripts obtained by Israel Today, the couple was asked a number of questions regarding their faith in Jesus. The ensuing debate could have been taken straight from the Book of Acts.

Court: “What powers or authority does Jesus have?”

Plaintiffs: “All the power and authority given to the Messiah, as found in the Hebrew Scriptures.”

Court: “Including divine power?”

Plaintiffs: “Yes, as it is written, the Messiah will be as God.”

Court: “Do you believe that Jesus is God?”

Plaintiffs: “The Messiah is God, yes.”

The couple went on to affirm that they...


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