MembersJewish and Arab Women Join Hands to Promote Israel

“Are Jewish and Arab women allowed to walk on the same sidewalk? Are they allowed to drive? How are there still Arabs in Israel, didn’t the Jews kill them all?”

By Yossi Aloni |
Photo: Women Cooking Dialogue

These were just some of the questions asked of a group of Jewish and Arab women from the Western Galilee during a tour of Christian communities in the United States. The group, known in Israel as “Women Cooking Dialogue,” was brought to America as part of a Jewish Agency campaign to bolster Israel’s image abroad.

Back in Israel, the initiative has successfully brought together Jewish and Arab women who love to cook and who inevitably engage in meaningful dialogue. There are currently 25 women participating, half of them Jewish and the other Arabic-speaking minorities. At each gathering, they bring delicacies unique to their communities and kitchens, exchange recipes and discuss current events. Most have become fast friends, and wanted to let the outside world know that genuine coexistence between Jews and Arabs is possible in the Holy Land.

But, when they got...

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