Jews Mobbed by Palestinians After Accidentally Entering Ramallah

Two religious Jews are nearly lynched by Palestinians, and the media is all but silent. What if the roles had been reversed?

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: palestinians, Media Bias
A Palestinian mob destroyed the car of two religious Jews who accidentally entered Ramallah. Photo: Flash90

It’s what many Israelis fear most. Late Wednesday night, two Jewish men lost their way on the dark roads of Samaria and suddenly found themselves in the heart of the de facto Palestinian Authority capital of Ramallah.

Years ago, Israelis visited Ramallah and other Palestinian cities on a regular basis. But the peace process that was supposed to further foster coexistence did the opposite, and it is now a rather deadly endeavor for Israeli Jews to enter these towns.

The two Jewish men in question learned this the hard way when a mob of Palestinian Arabs quickly descended upon their vehicle, hurling cinderblocks and stones, and trying to pull the two unfortunate souls out into the melee.

Fortunately, the victims, both ultra-Orthodox Jewish men, were rescued by Palestinian Authority police officers before any serious harm was visited upon them. They were then delivered to Israeli security forces on the outskirts of the city.

Their vehicle didn’t fare so well, and was smashed to bits before being torched by the frenzied assailants.

The incident again exposes the duplicitous nature of mainstream media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Had the roles been reversed, had two Palestinian Arabs who inadvertently entered a Jewish town been set upon by a Jewish mob in similar fashion, it is hard to believe that it wouldn’t make international headlines.

And yet, Wednesday’s severe incident in Ramallah was all but ignored by everyone but Israeli media.

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