New IDF Tech Destroys Enemies and Saves Lives

Another startling development in military technology by the Israeli Defense Forces

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: palestinians
Photo: YouTube screenshots

Israel has developed a system can guide attack missiles to track and hit an enemy launcher that fires rockets at the State of Israel with unprecedented accuracy. 

Working in precise coordination with Iron Dome, Israel’s famous anti-missile system that has been intercepting most of the rockets fired on Israeli population centers by Palestinian guerrilla groups, the new IDF missile attachment is able to return fire immediately destroying the terrorists and their launcher. As the Iron Dome fires to intercept the terror missile, another attack missile is released taking out the launcher.

Developed for the IDF by Israel’s Raphael Industries, the add-on “brains” can be attached to any simple rocket turning it into a highly precise attack missile. The smart-missile technology scans the target area presenting a live picture that guides the rocket along the best route and spot of attack.

The result is a real-time attack weapon that can hit with precision any enemy target within built-up areas inside a town, village, near a school or hospital, and take it out without injuring civilians. 

The system is being tested in the Negev and should be ready for the next war with Hamas, or any other militant group in Syria or Iran that tries to fire rockets at Israel. The beauty of the system is that it can be attached to any missile and is able to guide it with unprecedented precision to within 3 meters (9.8 feet) of the target.

Hopes are that the new technology will send a “loud” and clear message to the other side that they can no longer hide behind children and schools to shoot their deadly arsenal at Israeli civilians. 

The Palestinian terrorists who use their own children to shield their militants may not care for their people, but the efforts that Israel goes to in order to develop smart and expensive military options able to take out any and all weapons fired on the Jewish state while at the same time protecting innocent bystanders proves the supreme value of human life held by the State of Israel, first of all for the protection of her own citizens, but also for the lives of the children and non-combatants on the other side of the conflict.

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