MembersJudaism and the Question of ‘Evolving’ the Human Race Through Technology

Creating new things from what God made is one thing. But are we permitted to “evolve” beyond how He created us?

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: Tech & Tradition
How far does the Bible permit us to go in "enhancing" our God-given form? Photo: Hadas Parush/Flash90

It’s a funny thing about all of our biggest technological advancements – they all seem to mimic something in the natural world, something God already made. But they’re typically poor imitations. Our mechanical creations are still light years behind the capabilities of the biological world.

As we push forward in our quest for advancements like artificial intelligence, it’s clear that our creative prowess simply can’t match His. So researchers at Tel Aviv University (TAU) turned to the next best thing, taking a page right out of science fiction by creating what could be called the first operational cyborg.

No, there’s not a half human-half machine walking around at TAU. The Israeli researcher wanted to create a hearing and listening device with the sensitivity of a biological ear. But, as noted, our current technological advancements can’t match nature. So they augmented their machine by integrating the ear of a grasshopper (or locust).

The overall device is somewhat large, and the grasshopper ear itself can hardly...

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