MembersTechnology Confirms Bible Passage

How modern technology helps analyze biblical sites.

By David Shishkoff | | Topics: Tech & Tradition
Photo: Hadas Parush/Flash90

Modern technology is helping archaeologists analyze biblical sites and in some cases, confirm the truth of the Bible.

Israel Today conducted an exclusive interview with Ben, an Israeli archaeological researcher at a major Israeli university, who was kind enough to share with us about the intersection of technology and the Bible here in Israel on the ground, or more precisely under the ground – in buried archaeological ruins of Bible-era settlements. Ben has a deep personal interest in the Bible as well as a hi-tech background which he gained from his service in the IDF.

Driving through Israel is like wading through a history book. A journey of less than an hour can encompass a dozen places mentioned in the Bible. Even so, Israelis do not tend to take the Bible to be literally true word-for-word. Modern Israel was pioneered largely by skeptics who were slow to take biblical history at face value, much less believe all the recorded miracles.

This tension is still playing itself out in the field of Israeli biblical archaeology, where two schools of thought...

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