MembersLet There Be…a Settlement!


By Ludwig Schneider |
Photo: Creative Commons

After the Jewish people went into Exile in 135 AD following the failed Bar Kochba Revolt against the Romans, Israel became a wasteland. The only patches of green were in monastery gardens, which were protected with high walls, like fortresses, from marauding Muslims. Today, the Jewish settlers have to protect themselves from Palestinian terrorists with high walls and fences.


Instead of confronting Palestinian terrorism, the world is contending with the Jewish settlements and calling for a boycott of their products because these communities are allegedly built on “Palestinian” land. Nevertheless, so-called “Palestine” has been the ancestral home of the Jewish people for 3,300 years and it is known in the Bible as Israel.


Therefore, in the sight of Israel’s enemies, God is fulfilling His promises and is awakening the Land from its 2,000-year “Sleeping Beauty” slumber. And just like in the first chapter of Genesis, it all begins with God’s...

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