MembersLudwig Schneider 1941 – 2018 Father, Journalist and Servant of God

Many people know our father Ludwig Schneider from quite different times.

By Aviel Schneider | | Topics: MEMORIAL
Ludwig Schneider
Photo: Israel Today

He was always one for plenty of traveling, and in his lectures he persuaded many people to rethink their attitudes towards Israel. Israel’s central role did not end in the Bible, but continues right up to the present day. This is what he explained when he was traveling from congregation-to-congregation, church-to-church, as well as via the blue-tinted “News from Israel” direct mail newsletters, the “Voice from Israel” telephone news service, and later the full-color Israel Today magazine, our Internet sites and lectures on Bible TV filmed at our editorial offices in Jerusalem. His love for Israel and for the Word of God was contagious.

Ludwig entered the world in 1941 in Magdeburg, Germany. His parents were forced to flee from the National Socialists (Nazis) with him and his brother. His parents were only able to take a seven-branched menorah and a spice container for havdalah with them as they fled. The menorah is still standing today on Ludwig’s desk in Jerusalem. A pastor rescued the young family and hid them in the rear courtyard of a church.

When he...

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