Memories of School Days Gone By

The last days before the start of the new school year are always exhausting, even without Corona.

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Queue in front of a vaccination station in Jerusalem. Photo: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Shalom dear readers!

If I were a few years younger today and still had children of school age, I would probably be very stressed today. The last days before the start of the new school year tomorrow after a seemingly never-ending searing hot summer are exhausting even without Corona. I had always postponed the purchase of the children’s new textbooks until the last moment, although I knew that would only add to the stress. I can still remember standing in front of the bookstore in a long queue of mothers and fathers to get all the necessary textbooks on time.

No, this is not a queue at the market, but in front of a schoolbook shop, 5 years ago in Jerusalem


In addition to the textbooks, there were of course other “hurdles” to overcome to start the school year properly. In addition to all sorts of accessories, without which, according to my daughter, the new school year cannot begin, we had to provide new T-shirts and sweatshirts with the corresponding logo of the school. We usually only took care of this on the last day of the holidays. Pure stress.

But this has been over for a few years now as our children have grown up and we parents have grown old. But what can I say? Small children, small worries, big children, big worries? There may be something to it, after school our children started military service one by one, our sons got their driver’s license, which caused further worries, but all in all I am already very satisfied that we have nothing more to do with school. Especially since our daily lives are now dominated by a virus.

It’s not easy to be a student in the Corona era. In no country did children go to school less than in Israel due to the corona measures. For almost a whole year, the children sat at home and learned more or less successfully via Zoom. I remember a television report in which it was reported that many high school students left school as they no longer saw the point of learning from home without any contact with the school class. Many students felt lost.

Throughout the summer holidays, our new government discussed whether the school year should start on September 1 as planned or whether it would be better to wait until after the Jewish holidays which begin already on the eve of September 6 with Rosh Hashana and until after Succoth that are very few school days left in the month. After much back and forth, it was decided to start the school year tomorrow to give the students some normality. But all this is not so normal, considering what has to be done to be able to carry out the school lessons. Everything goes according to the so-called “green passport.” In classes where more than 70 percent of students are vaccinated, classes take place normally, otherwise they continue to learn via Zoom. Children under the age of 12 have to get tested again and again in order to go to school. For this purpose, the distribution of self-tests has now begun.

Self-tests for all school children under the age of 12


So I have to admit that I’m happy that I don’t have to deal with these things anymore. I am grateful that our children have had a normal learning experience during their school years. As the school year should start tomorrow, I wish all parents and children every success and a positive, enriching new school year for parents and children.


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