MembersMercy to the Cruel Spawns Cruelty to the Merciful

by Oria Amrani

Disclaimer: The author’s views do not necessarily reflect those of Israel Today or our readers.

Saeb Erekat
Photo: Amir Levy/Flash90

We are publishing this harsh commentary to reflect the mounting frustration among average Israelis over a failed peace process that has brought nothing but violence and death.

T he people of Israel first learned this painful lesson when King Saul defied God’s commandment by showing mercy to Agag, king of the Amalekites, Israel’s arch-enemies. Later, that same mercy was utterly lacking when Saul massacred the priestly town of Nob. Saul had done to his own brethren what he was supposed to do to his enemies. This is the inevitable outcome of the twisted morality that permeates our society.

This introduction provides context to the commotion over the past few months regarding Palestinian Authority negotiator Saeb Erekat’s request to receive a lung transplant in Israel. Erekat is one of the more vitriolic of Israel’s antagonists within the Palestinian leadership, and yet, he had the chutzpa to ask for a Jewish lung to save him from a terminal disease. What’s more, Erekat exploited his VIP status to take the top spot on the transplant waiting list, putting the lives of...

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