MembersModern-Day Zionism and the Yemenite Jewish story

Yemen has been home to a Jewish community since the First Temple era, but they suffered greatly under Muslim rule

By Rachel Avraham | | Topics: Zionism
The Jews of Yemen have played a key role in modern Zionism and the rebirth of Israel.
The Jews of Yemen have played a key role in modern Zionism and the rebirth of Israel. Photo: Gershon Elinson/Flash90

On college campuses across America, there are far too many who believe the myth that Zionism is a movement of European Jews to the Middle East. However, 850,000 Jews were compelled to leave the Arab and Islamic world, and many of them made the State of Israel their home. In fact, Yemenite Jews were among the early Zionist settlers who came to the Holy Land. The Yemenite Jewish story is a pivotal part of modern-day Zionism, and a proper understanding of the State of Israel requires that one study Yemenite Jewish history and culture.

Dr. Igal Ben Shalom, the President of the Association for the Preservation, Documentation and Research of the Society and Culture of the Jews of Yemenite Heritage, stated in an exclusive interview with Israel Today: “Our story began with the destruction of the First Temple. The Prophet Jeremiah predicted it, so some of the tribes went to Yemen and established a community there. There are letters to prove it. Connections between our people and the Land were maintained, as there were wealthy Yemenite Jews buried in Israel in...

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