Muslim NBA Legend Breaks Ramadan Fast With Israeli Officials

Basketball hall of famer Kareem Abdul Jabbar says Jews and Muslims have more in common than divides them

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At a time when religious tensions are reaching breaking point, a message of coexistence between Jews and Muslims comes to us from Los Angeles.

The iftar meal is what Muslims eat to break the daylight fast during the month of Ramadan. Earlier this month, Israel's consul-general in Los Angeles, Sam Grundwerg, hosted an iftar dinner and was pleased to welcome a very special guest.

Joining the meal was NBA legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar, considered by most to be among the world's top Muslim celebrities.

Jabbar delivered a short address urging dialogue and greater mutual respect between Jews and Muslims.

"The fundamental values ​​of Islam, Christianity and Judaism are the same: compassion, tolerance and assistance to the needy," the Hall of Fame basketball star asserted. "Those who incite us against each other do so not out of religious belief, but out of their own political and economic ambitions."

PHOTO: NBA legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar breaking his Ramadan fast with Rabbi Marc Schneier of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding and Israeli Consul-General Sam Grundwerg. (Michelle Mivzari)

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