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Ludwig, I was only 16 when I met you for the first time.

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Ludwig Schneider
Photo: Israel Today

It was a Friday night. I arrived at your house on Giladi Street after meeting up with Aviel, and you received me so warmly into your living room.

That warmth only grew stronger through the years, making me feel loved, wanted and special. I remember that when I started studying photography you didn’t hesitate to go hunting around Germany for a special camera, a serious camera, and you bought it for me.

Later, we started working together and you were my anchor in many difficult situations. You believed in me and trusted me with great responsibility. You understood me beyond what one sees on the surface. Many times it was to you that I turned for conversation, knowing that I could open up to you with those things that were difficult for me to express. And you, in turn, opened up to me.

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