My Shoe is Missing! Mossad Stole It!

UK-based leader demonstrates just how unhinged the anti-Israel movement has become, claiming Mossad stole his shoe

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The Zionists have been blamed for everything from Middle East instability to global warming to bringing down financial markets. But perhaps their most nefarious crime to date is pilfering a single shoe from their most vocal detractors.

That is if you are able to take at his word a man like Asghar Bukhari, co-founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK and one of the more outspoken and hostile critics of the Jewish state.

In a Facebook post that epitomized the ludicrous nature of the global anti-Israel movement, Bukhari claimed that earlier this week someone broke into his home while he was sleeping and stole a single shoe.

Convinced the disappearance of his shoe was an act of psychological warfare by the Zionists, Bukhari continued: “Now think about that, the only thing they took was a single shoe – they left one shoe behind to let me know someone had been there. …Of course I cant prove anything and thats part of the intimidation.”

And he was totally serious, sparking a hilarious social media response under the banner of #MossadStoleMyShoe.

One poster warned that while Cinderella had been Mossad’s first victim, she clearly hadn’t be its last. An Israeli ambassador wrote that he had Bukhari’s shoe, and that the two needed to talk. Someone even set up a Twitter account for Asghar’s Shoe.

Through it all, Bukhari maintained his position, adamant that all the jesting was yet another conspiracy to silence his legitimate charge of theft and his concerns over being targeted by such a dangerous organization.

“Funny thing is the zionists now trying to desperately hide their game of intimidation on my Twitter feed,” he wrote.

And then everything went from funny to just plain sad when Bukhari posted the following 15-minute YouTube video rant defending himself and his outrageous claims.

ABOVE PHOTO: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns the world what will happen to anyone who stands against the Zionist enterprise.

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