MembersNeither Jew nor Arab, Just Israelis

The assault on Israel’s identity as the home of the Jewish people has reached fever pitch.

Must the Jewish people abandon their identity?
Photo: Gershon Elinson/Flash90

Kan is the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation, funded with our tax money. Over the last few months, Kan TV has been running a promo saying “neither Jew nor Arab. We are all Israelis.”

The motivation behind this promo is too obvious to miss. It seeks to convince all Israeli citizens to give up on their particular identity in order to form a new Israeli identity. It’s nothing short of a call to create a new people.

The creators of this promo hope to replace the old reality of peoplehood, which they see as bringing only conflict, with a new reality in which there are no Jews or Arabs, only Israelis.

The concept should sound familiar. It’s the same as the message that many still believe the Apostle Paul was spreading. This explains the renewed interests in Paul by post-colonialists and neo-Marxists.


Who’s majority?

This message resonates with many Israelis who voted for the left-wing bloc, headed by former IDF Chief-of-Staff Benny Gantz. Still, it was a shock to hear Gantz...

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