Netanyahu: Israel will have ‘security responsibility’ for Gaza

Herzog: “We’ve been attacked from schools, mosques, shops and living rooms.”

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Gaza, Hamas
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at a press conference at the Ministry of Defense, in Tel Aviv. Oct. 28, 2023. Photo by Dana Kopel/POOL.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at a press conference at the Ministry of Defense, in Tel Aviv. Oct. 28, 2023. Photo by Dana Kopel/POOL.

Israel will have “overall security responsibility” for the Gaza Strip after defeating Hamas, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday.

“I think Israel for an indefinite period will have the overall security responsibility because we’ve seen what happens when we don’t have it. When we don’t have that security responsibility, what we have is the eruption of Hamas terror on a scale that we couldn’t imagine,” Netanyahu told ABC World News Tonight anchor David Muir.

The military is conducting a war against Hamas in Gaza with the goal of eliminating the terror group’s capacity to threaten Israel. The war was sparked by Hamas’s mass invasion of the western Negev on Oct. 7, during which the terror group murdered 1,400 people, wounded more than 5,000 and took more than 200 back to the Gaza Strip as hostages.

The United States has been pressing for the Palestinian Authority to take a “leading role” in a post-Hamas Gaza Strip, as US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated in a visit to Ramallah on Sunday, but Israel does not want another terror group sworn to its destruction at its borders.

Earlier this week, Likud parliamentarian Amit Halevy slammed the US proposal to hand over control of Gaza to the PA, saying the Biden administration was “slapping Israel in the face” by pressing the position.

“While Blinken vows that he will do everything to prevent a recurrence of the events of Oct. 7, he pushes for giving control of Gaza to the Palestinian Authority, whose members, exactly like Hamas, advocate for the destruction of Israel and applaud Hamas’s murderous Nazi-like massacre of Jews, seeking to emulate them,” said Halevy.

Terrorists from PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party joined in Hamas’s murderous assault on southern Israel on Oct. 7. The video of members of the Fatah-affiliated Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade bragging about partaking in the massacre was exposed last week by Palestinian Media Watch.

During the ABC interview on Monday, Netanyahu also reiterated that “there will be no ceasefire in Gaza without the release of our hostages.”

“It will hamper the war effort. It will hamper our effort to get our hostages out. The only thing that works on these Hamas criminals is the military pressure we are exerting,” he said.

He also pushed back against criticism of mounting civilian casualties in Gaza, stating that the media should not take casualty figures provided by the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry at face value because they do not include the thousands of terrorists killed fighting Israeli forces.

“I think every civilian loss is a tragedy. We are fighting an enemy that is particularly brutal. They are using their civilians as human shields. While we are asking the Palestinian civilian population to leave the war zone, they are preventing them at gunpoint,” he said.

Netanyahu also had a message for Iran and its terror proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon: “I think they’ve understood that if they enter the war in a significant way the response will be very, very powerful and I hope they don’t make that mistake.”

Israeli President Isaac Herzog addresses the state ceremony marking 50 years since the Yom Kippur War, held at the military cemetery at Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl, Sept. 26, 2023. Photo by Yoav Dudkevitch/TPS.

Herzog: ‘We’ve been attacked from schools, mosques, shops and living rooms’

Israeli President Isaac Herzog gave an interview on Monday night to Piers Morgan Uncensored, in which he spoke about the trauma the Jewish people had endured since Hamas’s Oct. 7 massacre.

Herzog stressed the Jewish state’s undeniable right to self-defense and recounted the difficulties of fighting against terrorists who cynically hide behind a civilian population.

“We’ve been attacked from schools, from mosques, from shops and people’s living rooms,” explained Herzog. “Yesterday, I tweeted that as our forces walked into a theme park and a playground for children, they found launchers in the ground ready to launch missiles at our children, and I say specifically, if they are ready to launch missiles at our children, we must go and eradicate that site. Same goes for the houses.

“Now, how do we behave according to international humanitarian law? We alert the citizens, we tell them, ‘In your home there’s a missile launcher, get out of your home, go down to the safe zone in southern Gaza where you’re getting enough humanitarian aid, and we will eradicate that infrastructure of Hamas,'” continued Herzog.

“We sent millions of leaflets, we called and sent text messages and Whatsapps and SMS’s and phone calls by the millions. We told the Gazan people, go south—and in the end we have to go in and eradicate that infrastructure. Of course, we check ourselves with lawyers and jurists. As much as possible we try not to hurt civilians, and believe me, and I say it out right from the bottom of my heart, we care for every civilian in Gaza. But with all due respect, there comes a moment when you have no other choice, because if we [don’t act] this will recur again, we’ll go through the same atrocities again. That organization must be eradicated,” added Herzog.

Morgan mentioned the anti-Israel march scheduled to take place in London on Nov. 11, the UK’s memorial day for fallen members of the armed services, and noted that similar rallies had included calls for jihad and the destruction of Israel.

“It’s atrocious and hypocritical, and I call upon all decent human beings to object to the march and ban it,” replied Herzog.

“This day is a symbol of doing good, because when you fight evil, sometimes you have to fight. You have to fight evil in order to uproot evil. We’ve seen terror, we’ve been harassed by terror all our lives. Terror is what stopped the Israeli-Palestinian peace. Terror is what undermines peace,” added the Israeli president.


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