Netanyahu Touted for Nobel Peace Prize After Stealing Iran Nuke Secrets

If Obama won for merely becoming president, Netanyahu deserves it for exposing Iran, insist many Israelis

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Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize following his presentation of Iranian nuclear secrets stolen by the Mossad, according to Lior Harari, a known Likud Party activist.

The Jerusalem Post reports that Harari sent a letter to Israeli Nobel laureates asking that they nominate the prime minister, despite the opposition that many of them share to Netanyahu's policies in general.

"I believe everyone must thank Netanyahu for revealing the plot of a country that threatens the entire enlightened world," he told the newspaper. "If someone would have revealed the Nazis’ plans and stopped the Holocaust, they would have deserved the prize."

Others noted that if Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize merely for being elected president of the United States, then Netanyahu surely deserves it for exposing a hostile theocratic regime that is threatening the world and seizing control over large parts of the Middle East.

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