Netanyahu supporters turned out en masse to support him at court. Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Netanyahu, You Will Never March Alone!

Israel Today’s Tsvi Sadan reports from the dueling demonstrations as Netanyahu goes on trial


The first day of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s appearance before the Jerusalem District Court, which is just a short walking distance from the Old City’s Damascus Gate, was accompanied by demonstrations for and against him. To avoid any chance of confrontation, police separated the right-wing and left-wing demonstrators so that not only could they not see one another, they couldn’t even hear one another.

Heavy police forces blocked the roads and asked each person to which demonstration he or she was heading, so that “pros” would have no chance of “infiltrating” to the area of the “cons,” and vice versa.

During the pro-Netanyahu demonstration, people spotted a sniper on top of the court building, aiming his gun at individuals in the crowd. The photo here is an attempt to capture this surreal scene. (image) Israeli police sniper

The beige cloth one can see in the picture is covering the court room itself. This means that the pro-Netanyahu demonstration was situated where Netanyahu and the judges could hear the crowd. And indeed…