New Israel Fund’s Campaign of Subversion

Subversive activities by liberal organization echoes communist efforts to undermine Western society

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In one of my recent columns I wrote that the New Israel Fund (NIF) is a subversive organ, seeking to radically transform old Jewish Israel into a new progressive, secular, non-Jewish Israel. The NIF and its elaborate psychological warfare against Israelis employs methods developed by communists back in the day of the Comintern (Communist International), an organization created by Lenin to export the communist revolution to other countries.

A favorite method of subversion was using the Comintern’s members to channel money, plant agents and establish NGOs, student fraternities and workers’ clubs. The creative mind behind this scheme was Willi Munzenberg, murdered in 1940, who among other things founded the Spartacus Union and the German Communist party.

The NIF is involved in the same practice to radically change Israel. 

Comparing between the Hebrew and English NIF mission statements provides a glimpse into its modus operandi. Under “values” the Hebrew text ensures Israelis that the NIF is committed to Israel as defined by its Declaration of Independence, which opens with the clause “The Land of Israel was the birthplace of the Jewish people.” This Zionist commitment to Israel does not appear in the English version. Instead, the NIF informs English-language readers that “Israel – where the Jewish people achieve self-determination in their homeland” is predicated upon “progressive values.” The very name New Israel Fund is registered in Israel under The New Fund for Israel.

For decades the NIF was creating and financing radical organizations such as Adalah and Shatil. The problem with such NGOs was that they were too obviously agents of change, and their radicalism repelled most Israelis. 

To deal with this problem the NIF is now adopting a new strategy. Along with supporting radicals like Adalah, the NIF has started to fund organizations well within the consensus. The popular project 929 that is attempting to endear the Bible to Israelis is partially funded by the NIF. The link provided shows that this project is interested in more than just Bible endearment. Shalom Hartman Institute is another organ now partially funded by the NIF, and there are many others.

This strategic adoption of “if you can’t beat them join them” was stated in a remarkably candid interview made with Rachel Liel, NIF Executive Director in Israel. 

“In the past we have supported many campaigns, many struggles in which it was the secular against the religious,” which according to Liel were only partially successful. This is why “we felt in NIF that we strategically need to add another vehicle to do this, and this is voices coming from within the communities themselves. Organization who come from the national religious public in Israel, who know the people, who understand the culture, who understand the language, and they can come with their ideas and people will listen to them.”

Ignore the lame Israeli English. Liel is actually admitting that the NIF is now planting agents and giving money to religious organizations perceived as good by the general public. The old Comintern ploy is fully exposed here by an overly confident NIF official who assumes Israelis are too dumb to notice.


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