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I was born in the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem, under Jordanian occupation.

By Bassem Eid |
Photo: GPO

In June 1966, the Jordanian government decided to evacuate 500 Palestinian families, including my own, from the Jewish Quarter and to relocate them to the nearby Shuafat refugee camp, with no clear reason as to why they did so.

One day before the onset of the Six Day War in 1967, I arrived from Shuafat to the Old City of Jerusalem, to visit my aunt. The following day, the war began. I was just 9 years old, so took shelter at my aunt’s house. I heard shooting and asked my aunt, “What’s going on?” She replied that it was a war between the Arabs and the Jews. I asked, “What is a Jew? Are they human beings like us?” She said no, they eat human beings. I became very afraid.

Three days into the war, I started hearing loudspeakers announcing in Arabic that anyone who wanted food could go to a specific point where food was being distributing. My aunt asked me if I want to go and bring food. I was afraid the Jews would eat me, so my aunt sent...

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