Normal, Everyday Life… Almost

Life in Israel has nearly returned to pre-COVID routine. Just one big thing is still missing… tourists!

Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

Is it really already mid-October? I can hardly believe it. We are once again so engaged in everyday life that I don’t notice how quickly the days go by. Yes, it must be because of this daily grind. Every morning before work starts, I drive my daughter, now in her second year of university, to the train station. No more Zoom for her, it’s back to the classroom. And our youngest son is at his base during the week. Today, exactly to the day, he has one year until he is discharged from his army service. And I sit at my laptop every morning to work with my colleagues to ensure that you, dear readers, get something to read every day.

In the last few days in particular, we have been very busy preparing our latest Membership content. Some of this work must be done in person, so I headed back to the office. In short, it’s a busy time again. And because we are once again so busy, Corona begins to seem like a distant memory. At least for me.

Yes, COVID-19 is still in the news and remains a concern for the nation, or at least for our leaders. But those of us engaged in everyday life don’t often think about it any longer. Sure, we still have to wear masks in closed public spaces, but that’s about the only remaining outward sign of the pandemic. Just about everything else seems to have returned to pre-pandemic days. And that includes traffic jams, as you can see in the above photo of the entrance to Jerusalem. Thankfully, our editorial staff has been able to work remotely, so we don’t need to bother much with such traffic. One good thing about the Corona era is that it showed us the advantages of working from home.

But there’s still one thing missing. I realized it again when I went to our offices in central Jerusalem this week. There are no tourists, and that has been the case for a year-and-a-half. It is really time for you, dear friends of Israel, to visit us. The government has determined that from November 1 it will again permit entry to foreign tourists. We are really praying it happens this time. We need you all to return. We Israelis have been able to travel freely around the world for a while now, and it would be nice to again have the opportunity to host guests here in the Holy Land.


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