Olive Trees From the Time of Jesus Moved

Planted during Roman rule, the trees were removed several meters from where they stood in Jesus’ time

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Jesus

Near the Arab city of Rameh in north of Israel, two olive trees that are estimated to be more than 2,000-years-old have been relocated a few dozen meters from their original location to make way for the widening of a local highway. Since the trees date from the time when Jesus ministered in the Galilee, Church officials from Rameh and the Vatican took part in the elaborate effort to relocate them.

These trees are among the hundreds of ancient trees in the area that local residents refer to as “Roman” trees. They come from the time when the Romans occupied the Holy Land, when the Second Temple was still standing and Jesus lived and ministered in the country.

Because of the historical and religious importance of the trees, religious ceremonies were held during the operation, carried out by Father George Hanna, head of the Greek Orthodox community of Rameh, and the local pastor Ektam Yazin.

The complicated effort of relocating the trees was carried out by Netivei Israel, which is responsible for the expansion of Highway 85. The operation cost around $130,000.

Photo: Netivei Israel

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