Orthodox Jewish Group Claims to Have Prevented ‘Mass Baptism’

Same anti-missionary group holds Jerusalem conference to recruit activists to confront Messianic Jews

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: MESSIANIC JEWS
Photo: Doron Horowitz/FLASH90

HaMevasser, an Orthodox Hebrew language newspaper, reported on August 14, 2019 that over one thousand Haredi Jews gathered in Jerusalem for a conference aimed at bemoaning the rise of missionary work in the city, educate those in attendance about missionary work, and recruit volunteers to confront missionaries. The event was hosted by Yad L’Achim (an anti-Messianic group) and featured many speakers, including a former missionary. This former missionary told the audience that during his missionary days he had been informed that one converted Jew is more valuable than one thousand converted gentiles. At the end of the event, those in attendance stood up and cited the “Shema” prayer as a sign of solidarity with the anti-missionary cause. 

Kehala Kadisha reported about a group from Yad L’Achim who prevented a “mass baptism” of Jews in the Sea of Galilee. The event had been organized by a church (Messianic) from Tel Aviv, which Yad L’Achim promised to watch closely. A Yad L’Achim spokesperson further said: “We will continue to stand on guard against this church and against other missionary churches. We will reach those Jews who were supposed to be baptized, and we will show them the missionary lie as well as expose them to the Judaism that is being robbed of them through force and lies, through the exploitation of their ignorance and neediness.”

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