Palestinian Leader Abbas Fails to Eject Trump From the Peace Process

Abbas begged Europe to take the reins of the peace process, but Brussels effectively said no Trump, no deal

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The Palestinian leadership knows that its full demands will never be met while US President Donald Trump is in office.

At least not so long as America is the primary broker in Middle East peace process.

As such, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is making every effort to eject Trump's America from that role and bring in another third party more sympathetic to the Palestinian narrative.

A week after publicly wishing for Trump's house to be destroyed, Abbas' quest took him to Brussels, where he entreated the European Union to officially recognize the "State of Palestine" and taken the reins of the peace process.

While one nation, Slovenia, agreed to recognize Palestine, and the EU promised to take a more "central" role in the peace process, Abbas ultimately failed in his mission.

In agreeing that the EU should be more prominently represented in the peace process, the union's foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, nevertheless stated that "no effort will ever bring the two sides to the table if the international multilateral framework does not include the United States."

In other words, no Trump, no deal.

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