Palestinian Terror Groups Launch Joint Military Drill

Gaza exercise focuses on future war with Israel, mimics IDF’s regular joint drills with allied nations

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: palestinians, Gaza
Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists train together in Gaza.
Photo: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

Mimicking Israel’s regular joint military drills with the armies of allied nations, Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations based in the Gaza Strip held a joint war games exercise in the coastal enclave on Tuesday.

While Israel’s joint military drills feature vague enemies that resemble real-life threats, the Hamas-lead war games blatantly pitted the terror groups against Israel and the IDF.

Palestinian militants assault a mock IDF tank.

The “Oslo Accords” obligated the Palestinians to disarm all militant factions and implement a policy of “one gun” in the hands of the official Palestinian Authority security forces.

But, like many of their other obligations, the Palestinians systematically ignored or violated that requirement, leading to a proliferation of arms.

Missiles were fired toward the sea as part of the war games.

Today, Hamas and groups like the Palestinian Islamic Jihad boast mini militaries with heavily-armed and uniformed fighters numbering in the thousands.

Hamas gunmen practice an amphibious assault on an Israeli beach, leaving “dead” Israeli soldiers in their wake.

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