Palestinians Want to Live in Israel So Badly, They’ll Abandon Their Own Children

If Israel’s such an ‘apartheid’ hell for Arabs, why are Palestinians giving up their own children to move here?

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They say Israel is a terrible, discriminatory and racist place for Arabs to live. It's apartheid all over again, they shout!

Don't believe them.

But, if you're not willing to believe Israel on the matter, perhaps you'll listen to the Arabs of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

They want so badly to live in Israel that they're willing to abandon their own children to do so.

The Israeli military has expressed growing concern over a new phenomenon that sees Palestinian parents from Gaza enter Israel to take their children for medical treatment, only to abandon those same children at the Gaza border and disappear.

These are folks who receive official permits from Israel to bring their suffering children for free medical treatment (oh, those nasty Zionists!), and then leave those children at the border, hoping someone will pick them up and care for them.

Either way, the parent(s) in question are more concerned about their own well-being, which they know, contrary to what's portrayed in the mainstream media, can be best provided for in the Jewish state.

Even as illegals on the run from the authorities, they'd rather be in Israel than living under Hamas. Tells you a little something about the accuracy of those "apartheid" claims, doesn't it?

Israeli military officials say this abandoning of children at the Gaza border is happening several time every month, and is only increasing.

Col. Iyad Sarhan, who is head of the IDF's Coordination and Liaison Administration in Gaza, and who is also an Arab, wrote in a statement:

"This is an unacceptable phenomenon. As a father myself, I do not understand how a parent abandons his child and leaves him in the hands of a stranger without worrying about his welfare and safety. Those who choose to stay in Israel are violating the conditions of their entry permits. As a human being and as a father, I hope that this phenomenon will stop and the residents of Gaza will start prioritizing their children above everything else."

PHOTO: A Palestinian child abandoned at the Gaza border to be picked up by Israeli soldiers. Calls into question those accusations that Israeli soldiers are heartless "child-killers" when Palestinian parents apparently have no problem dropping their kids with said soldiers. (COGAT)


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