MembersPeace Treaties are the Only Solution to the Arab-Israeli Conflict

“Arabs will be blessed if they make peace with Israel”

Israel and Jordan shaking hands in the 1994 peace treaty. Relations have been generally good since 1994 and even before. Photo: Nati Shohat/FLASH90

This says former Muslim who converted to Christianity and outspoken advocate for Israel fighting against Islamic Terrorism in the Arab world.

We Arabs have learned that our victories are exclusively won through false statements and cheap propaganda, and only to boost our Arabic morale. Jamal Abdel Nasser, the former leader of Egypt who thrust the country into losing wars with Israel, is still considered a hero in the eyes of some Arab people, though his warmongering against the Jewish state ultimately brought Egypt to its knees financially, culturally and politically.

In the same way, Saddam Hussein learned from Nasser how to “win” with enthusiastic nationalist songs in his war with Iran, which lasted 8 years, and brought both countries to the brink of destruction.

We, the Arab peoples, must acknowledge that these phantom victories, including the Yom Kippur War, only caused suffer and brought death and destruction to the Arab World.

It is about time the Arab world reasonably started calculating the results of those futile wars over the...

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