Poll: 60 Percent of Local Arabs Proud to be Israeli

Don’t believe the hype pushed by Israel’s detractors, who call lie about her being an “apartheid” state

An Arab man prays at the Western Wall for the return of Israeli soldiers.
Lior Mizrahi / Flash 90

Don’t believe the hype pushed by Israel’s detractors. And definitely reconsider the notion that Israel is an “apartheid” state.

Because yet another public opinion poll has revealed that, far from feeling marginalized or oppressed, a firm majority of local Arabs are actually proud to be Israeli.

Published by the free daily newspaper Israel Hayom, the survey asked a random sampling of Arab citizens their attitude toward the State of Israel.

An overwhelming 73 percent majority said that they feel a sense of belonging in Israeli society. Sixty percent went so far as to say they are proud citizens of Israel.

Even so, just 3 percent said they would identify solely as Israeli, with a 46 percent plurality preferring the label “Arab Israeli.” Forty-two percent identified as “Palestinian Arab.”

A strong majority said they accept that the Jews have a historical and religious connection to this land. Just as many said they prefer to live in a Jewish-dominated state, as opposed to a “Palestinian” Arab state.

The respondents said they don’t feel particularly well-represented by most of the Arab members of Knesset, who generally act as advocates for the Palestinian cause.