Poll: Most Israelis Own a Bible, Revere the Word of God

95 percent of all Israeli Jews own a Bible, 68 percent see it as the Word of God, and 42 percent still read the Scriptures

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A survey conducted late last month revealed that nearly all Israeli Jews own a Bible, that most revere it as the holy Word of God, and that nearly half the Jewish population still reads from the Scriptures at least on occasion.

The poll was conducted in the run-up to the “Opening the Tanakh” conference at the Herzog Academic College, which was attended by 7,000 Israelis and foreign visitors who were treated to a wide range of lectures and workshops dealing with the Bible and its place in modern society, especially Israeli Jewish society.

The results, originally published in Israel’s largest daily newspaper Yediot Ahronot, showed that no fewer than 95 percent of all Israeli Jews have a Bible in their home.

A full 68 percent of respondents said they revere the Bible as a “holy book,” and nearly half (42 percent) said they read the Scriptures at least infrequently.

Only 15 percent of Israeli Jews said they never read the Bible, and just 9 percent said they have no connection to the Word of God.

PHOTO: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hosting a Bible study at his official residence in Jerusalem last year. (Flash90)

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