Rabbis Make Rival Predictions on US Election

While most predict a Trump victory, one ‘supernatural’ rabbi says Clinton is going to win

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Leading Jewish mystics (kabbalists) have put forward rival predictions regarding today’s fateful presidential election in the US.

Rabbi Netanel Shriki, whose followers believe he has supernatural powers enabling him to collapse Hamas terror tunnels, on Sunday offered a signed prediction that Hillary Clinton would win the election with 54 percent of the vote.

Various other rabbis and kabbalists have all predicted that Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States.

One such sage [recently told the head of the Republican Party in Israel][1] that the ancient Jewish text the Zohar had long ago foretold Trump’s victory.

“A great sage came to me — I don’t want to say his name — with all his entourage from Bnei Brak, just to give me this message for Donald Trump,” Republican Party representative Marc Zell told the ultra-Orthodox news outlet Behadrei Haredim. “Rabbis of all streams in the Orthodox public in Israel [know] Trump is the one who will defend Jerusalem, the Land of Israel and the Jewish people.”

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