MembersRadical Left Join Islamists in Apartheid Fraud

The hypocrisy of BDS, BLM and the entire radical Left is on display in its criticism of Israel

| Topics: BDS, Antisemitism
The radical Left pretends to champion human rights by criticizing Israel, but the truth is they don't care one bit about gender inequality in the Middle East. Photo: Wissam Nassar/Flash90

I recently visited Portland, Oregon, which is a bastion of radical left-wing activism in America. Upon my visit there, I saw that a vegan restaurant named VTopia had a “Free Palestine” sign outside. Apparently, in the eyes of the restaurants’ owners, Israel is an apartheid state that is oppressing the Palestinians, as the Palestinian Forum, a group of Palestinian organizations worldwide, recently issued a statement proclaiming that they would fight against the existence of Israel as a Jewish state for such a concept is “racist and apartheid.”

There are some in Portland who would agree with them. It is the capital city of Antifa and the local university, Portland State University, is full of Black Lives Matter supporters. The Movement for Black Lives, part of the Black Lives Matter movement, put out a statement proclaiming: “We demand that the Biden administration impose sanctions until Israel stops its apartheid practices and settler colonial project.” Yet, these same people did not care that the...

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