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The deaths of two “innocent” participants in the demonstrations on the border between Gaza and Israel have been circulating in the media.

By Michael Selutin |
Photo: Photo: Euronews screenshot

The first victim of the alleged Zionist aggression was an eight-month-old baby, Laila al-Ghandour, who is said to have been killed by Israeli teargas. The second victim was Razan Al-Najar, a nurse, who was reportedly shot by Israeli snipers while helping injured demonstrators.

In the case of the baby, the obvious question would be: what was a baby doing at a violent demonstration at which tires were being burnt, stones were flying, and the whole area was an out-and-out battlefield? Furthermore, weeks later there has still been no forensic report regarding the cause of death, and it is now suggested that the baby died from a pre-existing illness.

The female medic Razan Al-Najar is said to have been shot in cold blood, but the Israeli army explained that she died when Palestinians were attacking IDF soldiers who, in accordance with the strict rules of engagement, were merely defending themselves. There also remain many discrepancies regarding the incident. Various photos and videos of that day show this nurse wearing different sets of clothing. In one, she is seen wearing a bulletproof...

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