Report Hints at Trump’s Frustration Over Israeli Settlements

Israel abuzz over report that Trump took Netanyahu to task over Jewish settlements in heated phone call

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Many right-wing Israelis felt it was too good to be true.

Certain government ministers and political figures openly urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to take advantage of Donald Trump's election as president of the United States and initiate a massive wave of settlement building.

Others counseled caution, noting Trump's volatile nature. If Trump ended up being negative on settlements, his backlash could be even more damaging than the years of former President Barack Obama's policies.

Initially, there was some indication that Trump actually backed the Jewish settlement enterprise, or at least wasn't bothered by it. After all, why else would he appoint an openly pro-settlement ambassador like David Friedman?

But reports circulating in both the US and Israeli media Monday morning now indicate that Trump is none-too-impressed by even the limited Jewish settlement building of the past several months.

The American news portal Axiom reported that during a phone conversation with Netanyahu late last year, Trump pointedly asked the Israeli leader if he really even wants peace with the Palestinians.

Trump was reportedly responding to news of a new settlement building project that he felt was unnecessarily angering the Palestinians.

Of course, Trump himself has experienced just how easily the Palestinian leadership can be angered.

After he insisted that the peace process be based on more realistic parameters, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas publicly wished for the White House to crumble upon Trump's head.

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