Report: Syria Angry With Iran for Nearly Starting War With Israel

Iranian general said shunned by Syrian leadership after his actions nearly lead to “unwanted regional war” with Israel and the US

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Syria
Illustration. Israeli airstrikes on Syria nearly escalated to full-scale war thanks to Iran, according to Saudi report. Photo: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

Syria has a serious Iran problem. While the two nations remain allies, Syria appears to now regret inviting Iran to help quell a long and ongoing insurrection in the country.

Iran has played a major role in Syria’s decade-long civil war, and its presence is probably the primary factor that has kept dictator Bashar Assad on the throne. But there are no longer any illusions that Iran is working for anyone but itself.

According to Saudi news network AlHadath, Iran has repeatedly violated rules set by the Syrian regime in regards to deployment of forces and attacks on third parties like Israel and American military forces. That could explain why Syria’s other ally in this fight, Russia, has consistently turned a blind eye to Israeli strikes against Iranian forces in Syria.

This all came to a head recently when AlHadath reports that one of Iran’s most senior military commanders in the country was shunned by the Syrian leadership.

General Mustafa Javad Ghafari is the local commander of Iran’s Quds Force, and he stands accused of nearly starting an “unwanted regional war” with Israel and the US military.

Ghafari led “a number of activities against the United States and Israel that almost led to the entry of Syria into an unwanted regional war, including the attack on American targets in Syria on October 20 by Iranian-backed militias,” reported the Saudi network.

The general also openly admitted to the presence of Iranian weapons in areas they weren’t supposed to be after they were bombed by Israel.

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