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Seth Rogen: A Jew in Your Face

It wasn’t his smearing of Israel that caught my attention, but rather his refusal to back down as a Jew


Popular fouled-mouthed Jewish talk show host Marc Maron used Hollywood actor Seth Rogen’s new “very Jewy movie called American Pickle” to invite him to his WTF program for “the most Jewy talk we’ve ever had on this show.”

The conversation between the two caught the attention of the Israeli media, which perceived Rogen according to their particular political views. Right-wing Arutz Sheva, for example, chose the title “Seth Rogen: ‘The State of Israel makes no sense’.” The left-wing Mako portal chose the title “They fed me lies about Israel.”

Rogen is a typical product of the Jewish American/Canadian culture, that, as both Maron and Rogen testify, instilled in them an idealistic picture of Israel on the one hand, and a Jewish lifestyle devoid of...