‘Son of Hamas’: Israel is doing the Palestinians the greatest favor

Mosab Hassan Yousef says no aid for Gaza, ignore world opinion and consider gassing Hamas terror tunnels. This is a religious war.

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Gaza, Hamas
Son of Hamas founder says Israel is doing all Palestinians a favor by destroying the group. Screenshot
Son of Hamas founder says Israel is doing all Palestinians a favor by destroying the group. Screenshot

Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of Hamas founder Hassan Yousef, says that the Gaza war is “an ugly war. But Israel didn’t start it. Hamas did.” And the outcome must be the removal of Hamas rule in Gaza and anywhere else.

Years ago, Mosab turned his back on Hamas, converted to Christianity, aided Israeli security agencies, and ultimately found asylum in the United States. He said that despite being “a prince in that world,” after experiencing Hamas brutality firsthand, he simply could not remain part of the movement.

In an interview with Fox News, Mosab recalled asking himself many, many years ago: “What if Hamas becomes a ruling party at some point? What will they do?”

Now, he said, we all have the answer to that question. Hamas rules the Gaza Strip, was voted into power by the Palestinian electorate (in 2006) and has used its popularity and power to bring death and destruction, to both Israel and the Palestinians.


Should Israel invade Gaza?

How does Mosab think Israel should fight this war? His was a controversial take on what Israel should do, but he knows the situation and the enemy better than almost anyone.

He stressed that the first step has to be to get as many of the civilians as possible out of the way, otherwise it will be impossible for Israel to fight the way it needs to fight to “complete the mission.”

After as many civilians as possible are out of the way, Gaza needs to be “cut into two pieces, north and south. The northern part, this is where most of the tunnels are. We need to have a solid siege for long enough to deplete the enemy and to starve them. After that, we may need to explore using gas. This sounds horrible, but I don’t see any other option.”

The former Hamas heir explained that the group’s Gaza tunnel system is extensive and interconnected, and attacking it with gas could be one of the more effective solutions. Other methods could mean far higher Israeli military casualties.


Don’t send aid

Mosab stressed that sending any aid into the Gaza Strip while Hamas is still in power is a mistake. Israel just allowed 20 aid trucks to enter southern Gaza following heavy American pressure to do so. US President Joe Biden also announced $100 million in immediate humanitarian aid for the terrorist-ruled enclave.

“We have to end Hamas rule in the Gaza Strip. This is priority number one,” insisted Mosab. “After that we can talk about aid. Right now, sending any aid is a mistake.”

This is for two reasons:

  1. The ability to besiege Gaza provides Israel with important leverage;
  2. Hamas ultimately controls everything that enters the Gaza Strip, and will without question seize any aid for its own purposes.


A religious war

What many people in the West fail to understand is that this is a religious war. In fact, all of the big enemies arrayed against Israel are religious organizations: Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Hamas is not a national movement. Hamas is a religious movement with the goal of establishing an Islamic state. They don’t care for nationalism. In fact, they are against nationalism,” explained Mosab.

And Hamas serves a higher religious master.

“Iran is the real master. Hamas does not serve the Palestinian people, Hamas serves Iran,” said Mosab, stressing that “we need to free Gaza from Hamas. And this is what Israel is doing. Israel is doing the Palestinian people the greatest favor.


What about the growing pro-Palestinian protests in the West?

The relatively minor military conflict between Israel and Gaza has resulted in public turmoil throughout the West. More turmoil, in fact, than was sparked by the much larger conflict in Ukraine.

Israel has a tendency to place a lot of emphasis on world public opinion in times of war, but Mosab recommended the Jewish state keep its eyes on the goal.

“Right now, people are emotional. They hate to see children dying. Even though Hamas killed the people at that hospital, and we have evidence of that, they still blame Israel. People can blame whoever they want. But right now we need to focus,” he said. “Public opinion is very important, but now is not the time to worry about winning over public opinion. Now is the time to win the war against the most brutal terrorist organization in the world today.”

Israel, he stated, “should not be afraid of public opinion.”


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