Spring Desert Hike – Day 4

We almost got rained on, but managed to stay dry. But this wonderful winter weather has brought out the best.

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After a quiet night at Nahal Nekarot, we continued our trek through the beautiful Negev Desert this morning. We are on the way to Yahav Mountain, from where we can admire the indescribable beauty of this land.

Now, after the abundant rains, from which the desert has received a considerable amount of water in this wonderful winter for Israel, the view is particularly beautiful. In places where it is otherwise only dry and sandy, you can now see a colorful flowering and even water flowing through some of the wadis.

Yesterday it appeared ready to rain on us, but in the end we stayed dry. The mood in our now-tightly-knit group couldn't be better. The beauty of this land is bringing out the best in everyone.

Today, we walk towards the Arava and spend Shabbat evening at Nahal Sh'choret on the edge of the mountains of Eilat.

Greetings from the desert and Shabbat Shalom!

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