Stick and You Shall Find

A new Israeli start-up has invented a new way to keep tabs on those small objects so easily misplaced.

By Israel Today Staff |
Photo: GearEye - Facebook

The GearEye technology uses tiny adhesive stickers which transmit a signal to the accompanying smartphone app. The system was developed for professional photographers to help them make sure the different lenses, filters, batteries and other expensive parts of their camera gear are readily at hand when they need it.

The stickers can be adhered to any object and used to find your glasses, keys, or a screaming baby’s pacifier. The tiny adhesive transmitters are available in different colors and sizes. Competing products based on Bluetooth or other electrical signals require electric power to operate, but GearEye tags work without batteries and will last for several years.

Perhaps this could be a great solution for women to help them find out what really lurks in those unfathomable handbags?

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