Stock Your Kitchen With a Taste of Israel!

A special selection of some of Israel’s finest and most popular foods

By Israel Today Staff |

Enrich your breakfast and your kitchen pantry with these healthy, popular treats from Israel!


Set of honey and jam from the Galilee

High quality honey and jam from local producers in the Galilee region.


7 left in stock!


Honey from Israel – set of 3


Finest bee honey from wild flower nectar in the Galilee!

6 in stock


“Mountain of Olives” Tea Gift-Box

by ADANIM, contains 48 tea bags

This tea mixture is based on 5 plants: olive leaves, grape leaves, lime, pomegranate and moss.



Set of 6 gourmet salt varieties

Set of 6 gourmet salts in shakers (with natural Dead Sea salt)

Merlot Salt, Coarse Black Salt, Gold Salt, Smoked Salt, Chili Salt, Organic Rosemary Salt



Dead Sea salt with organic dill

An exciting encounter with the hearty taste of Dead Sea salt and the aroma of organically grown dill!


14 in stock


Dead Sea Diamond Salt

Purest natural salt from the Dead Sea


13 in stock

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