Summer Heat and the Return of Corona

It’s very hot in Israel, but we hardly notice because of the air conditioning. After all, Corona is keeping us trapped at home again

Downtown Jerusalem. Photo: Dov Eilon

Summer has a firm grip on us at the moment. The thermometer is already approaching 30 degrees (86 ℉) in the early morning hours. Around noon, temperature reach around 39 degrees (102.2 ℉). In Tel Aviv it’s a little better at around 34 degrees (93.2 ℉). But then you have to contend with 71 percent humidity! Here in Modiin, with just 28 percent humidity, it is much more pleasant despite the higher temperatures. Besides, we’re staying at home anyway and the air conditioning runs almost non-stop. I once read that on average Israelis live in a much cooler environment in the summer than the people in Germany. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? That’s because back in Germany air conditioners are not running non-stop everywhere. For example, when I go shopping, I enjoy the air conditioning in my car while I’m driving and then go to one of the supermarkets, which are always very well air-conditioned. Sometimes it’s even too cold. As a result, I don’t even notice this heat wave all that much. Of course, that’s at least partly because we are still working from home.

Speaking of working from home, our government’s “corona cabinet” this week recommended that we continue doing so. We remember the same recommendation being issued at the beginning of the Corona era, which does not seem to have ended yet. I feel transported back to the spring of 2020, the same reports of a steady increase in corona cases and another possible lockdown for the holidays in September. Traveling abroad for the summer holidays is also again problematic, as you now have to go into a one-week quarantine when you return from most countries. Are we right back where we started a year ago?

And then we have our neighbors to the south and now again to the north, who from time to time fire a few missiles to ensure that our country is never boring.

I have no idea how things will go with Corona and the rockets, but despite everything I try to continue life here as normally as possible. So today I am looking forward to the return of our youngest son from the army and the visit of our eldest son and his fiancée over the weekend. It’s always nice to have the whole family around one table, especially when the kids are all grown up.


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