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MembersSupernatural or Coincidence?

The fact that Israel is celebrating its 70th birthday this year is regarded by many people in the land as a miracle.

Photo: Israel Today

Yet ,is Israel’s existence really something supernatural? It is clear that miracles are a part of the biblical past, but in the political present they are either not recognized, or are ignored.

Some of the classic miracles in the Bible include the parting of the Red Sea, Balaam’s talking ass, the manna that fell from heaven, the sun standing still in the heavens, Jesus walking on the water and many other paranormal phenomena. It is often taken for granted that we understand these to be miracles, but it still depends on whether or not we believe the Bible. And even then, people often confuse miracles with magic tricks. Most people today simply use science as a crutch to dismiss miracles entirely.

So how can we understand the founding of the State of Israel in 1948 and its current existence? As a trick, as a political coincidence, or as something supernatural? First of all, it depends on how we approach the Bible, for without the Bible, miracles don’t make any sense. In Scripture, prophets describe how the Jewish people...

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