James Tour Jeff Fitlow / Creative Commons

Surprising Testimony of Faith by Top Scientist

Israel’s premier Orthodox Jewish research university hosts surprising testimony by top Messianic Jewish scientist

by David Shishkoff

This story has been “percolating” for a year-and-a-half on YouTube. Israel’s biggest Orthodox Jewish university, Bar Ilan, hosted a faith and science lecture that surprisingly included a strong evangelistic New Testament testimony.

The lecturing scientist was James Tour, the world’s top Messianic Jewish scientist. The lecture has since been posted on the YouTube channel for this series of faith and science conferences (* see below for a fuller explanation of the event). It has the most views out of the channel’s 200+ videos. You would not have expected this kind of message to be hosted by an Orthodox Jewish body in light of centuries of institutionalized Church antisemitism and the schism between the two faiths. However, times are changing. In a spirit of ecumenical pluralism, Bar Ilan’s Nitsotsot forum of faith and science invited this renowned Jewish scientist. He shared freely and transparently of his faith in “J.C.” as one of the Orthodox Jewish professors in attendance called Jesus Christ.

Professor James Tour is a prolific inventor and synthetic chemist. Tour...