Catholic and Messianic Jews. Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

The Roman Catholic Connection to Messianic Jews (Part 2)

A Catholic monk observes Messianic Jews


If you haven’t already, read Part 1 of this series before continuing.

The late Dominican monk Marcel-Jacques Dubois did not only chair the Philosophy department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, but also taught at the Comparative Religion faculty of the same university, where I carried out my doctoral dissertation. My research was on the emergence of modern Messianic Jewish Self-Identity in Eretz Israel, the Land of Israel.

In the late 1990s, after completing my research, I asked Dubois to write a scholarly endorsement for receiving an academic scholarship. In his enthusiastic letter of recommendation, the Catholic professor spotlighted the new reality in which Modern Jewish Yeshua Believers (MJYB), on both the Protestant and Catholic sides, can challenge their surroundings. Dubois even envisaged that MJYB will become a new bridge between historic Judaism and Christianity. He was also convinced that as a prophetic and revitalized organism, MJYB embody and exemplify Gentile Christianity’s Hebraic roots.