Surreal to be Standing on That Stage Courtesy Joshua Aaron

Surreal to be Standing on That Stage

Interview with Messianic singer Joshua Aaron who lives with his wife and their five children near the Sea of Galilee

by David Shishkoff

Joshua Aaron is an American-Israeli Messianic singer, song-writer, recording artist and worship leader whose music has become very popular on iTunes and YouTube. We asked Joshua to share some of his recent impressions and experiences.


Israel Today: Please describe your connection with Israel and your upbringing?

Joshua Aaron: My mother is Israeli. My father is Polish-American, not Jewish. I accepted Messiah at age 5. I grew up in America with a mixed culture of an Orthodox Jewish grandmother on one side and a Christian grandmother on the other side. The more I fell in love with Yeshua, the more I fell in love with his “brand” of Judaism, and then the more I fell in love with Israel.

My maternal grandmother fled Poland in the early years of the Holocaust. She made it out and came to Israel.

My Jewish mom and her brother were separated as young children in northern Israel when my maternal grandmother gave them up for adoption as a single mother during the War of Independence in 1948....